On-the-go Training With Halti Puppy Squad

Further Details

If you ever feel like you need a portable puppy manual then leading dog training and behaviour experts, Company of Animals, may have the solution! We all know that as sweet as puppies are, early training will benefit both you and your pet. To help you along, Company of Animals has created a series of educational -and adorable- videos for social media, also showcasing its popular Halti range.

The videos will be available to view on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube so all you have to do is reach into your pocket for puppy training tips on the go.

Of course, you can’t start your educational journey without meeting the puppies who’ll be showing you the ropes. The first video introduces us to the Halti Puppy Squad - the coolest models in town. It’s an overload of cuteness, with a variety of Halti collars and harnesses being modelled by the pups.

After this introduction it’s time to move on to the training videos, which whilst being just as sweet, are also very helpful. Much like your young dog, the Halti Puppy Squad aren’t quite professional walkers yet. This means the videos show unwanted behaviours that your dog might exhibit and how you can instil the right behaviours to fix this, rather than showing a dog with already perfect manners that your new dog “should” aspire to have.

The videos are combined with explanations on the various types of collars, harnesses and leads that would be most suitable for your dog, together with other useful walking tips. The walking top tips videos show exactly how you should go about training to stop pulling, so you know you’re teaching your puppy in the best way you can.  The uses and benefits of each harness and lead are explained in line with the training tips and so it is clear which would be best to use dependent on the individual dog and its requirements.

For example, the Halti Double Ended Lead can be short or long depending on how relaxed the walk is, alternatively both clips can be used for two handed control. This lead is great for puppies who are learning not to pull, as that extra control makes it simple to keep your puppy by your side and allows you to practice changing direction with ease.

Vicky Benneworth, Head of Marketing at Company of Animals said: “We are excited to offer new dog owners helpful, on the go training advice with our new Halti videos. The films aim to help puppy owners instil good behaviour and walking habits into their dogs to set them up for a lifetime of fun walkies.”

The videos are convenient, cute, and give you all the information you need when it comes to walking training, so get your educational adventure started at:  https://www.companyofanimals.co.uk/brands/halti-walking