Noise Phobia Workshop

  • A two-hour talk with our resident Behaviour Consultant, Fiona Whelan, a member of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association on all aspects of noise phobia and the distress this can cause your dog. The talk will be informative and fun, include refreshments and there will be time for a questions and answers session at the end.

  • An absolute must for any owner who has either a noise phobic dog or a young puppy who needs to be desensitised to sounds and noises in a positive way to prevent behavioural problems later in life.

  • A thoroughly useful and worthwhile talk where you can meet other dog owners (and us!) and help your dog all for just one evening and £20! There will be a trainer on site for you to discuss any training issues you may be experiencing.

  • Please note that this workshop is not for dogs - owners only!

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