Behaviour consultations

Dr Roger Mugford and his team have been resolving behaviour problems in pets for thirty years, this wealth of experience along with sound scientific knowledge ensures that you and your pet are in safe hands when faced with problematic behaviour.

Whilst dog training classes are a good place to teach your pet good manners and obedience, they are not the place to deal with more complex behaviours. For these a more detailed assessment of the underlying cause of the problem needs to be carried out so that appropriate treatment can be advised. Many behaviour problems are due to a misunderstanding between dog and owner, lack of appropriate socialisation/habituation or even physical problems which may not be apparent to the owner.

If you are due to see one of our behaviourists for a consultation and require a dog history form, please select the option to download history form below. Completed documents should be given to the behaviourist at the time of your consultation.

What kind of behaviours require a consultation?

  • Aggression towards people
  • Aggression towards other animals
  • Inappropriate soiling
  • Coprophagia
  • Fearful behaviour
  • Noise phobias
  • Separation problems
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Livestock chasing

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