Info for referring vets

All our behaviour consultations are seen on referral from veterinary surgeons; this ensures any underlying medical causes maybe ruled out prior to the client's visit to us. If you are interested in finding out more about our referral procedure or wish to refer to us please see the information provided below.

How do I arrange a referral?

To refer a client to us please e-mail ( or fax (01932 565979) us a complete veterinary history of your patient outlining any areas you believe to be significant contributing factors to the presenting problem and briefly mention the reason for your referral. You are also welcome to ring us if you have any questions or wish to speak to us directly (01932 574293).

We will then contact the client to discuss further information about our behaviour consultation service and assist them in making a booking to see one of our Behaviour Consultants.

The client will be seen at our behaviour centre in Chertsey or at their home. The consultation is likely to last around 2 hours during which time we will assess the problem, discuss our findings with the owners and work with the clients to make the most suitable recommendations.

Both the client and yourself will then be sent a typed report outlining details of our assessment and recommendations. You are both then welcome to contact the behaviourist to discuss any queries, questions and / or progress.


Charges may vary according to the complexity of the problem but the client will be advised of the cost at time of booking. There will be additional travel charges if the consultation is undertaken at the client's home or away from our behaviour centre in Chertsey.

Some insurance companies will cover the cost of behaviour referrals and so we suggest that clients check their policies to see if their pets are covered.

Help is not denied to those that are unable to afford the fee due to financial hardship, on income support (or other benefits) etc - please contact the centre for details.

Further information

If you would like to sit in on the consultation with your client you are more than welcome assuming the client does not have any objections. Please advise us of this at the time of referral and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Alternatively, if you wish to visit our centre at any time or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for considering us for your behaviour referrals.