Legal advice

Sometimes pets let us down and owners find themselves liable to prosecution because of their behaviour. The Dangerous Dogs Act (1991) was introduced to supposedly eliminate Pit Bull Terriers, but unfortunately it can be applied by overzealous policemen to look-a-like cross-breeds. The Section 3 provisions apply to dogs that are dangerously out of control, which can be a matter of fact or opinion which can only be resolved by expert evidence from the likes of Dr Mugford. The science of behaviour is respected in the courtroom and it is widely accepted that euthanasia is no longer the only outcome to a dog's misconduct.

Dr Mugford and our other associates are renowned amongst the legal profession and have developed a particular knowledge and reputation as expert witnesses on animal law.

Even the most responsible of owners can face civil complaints over their pet's misdemeanours and be liable to prosecution for barking, injury to people or damage to property. You may be eligible for legal aid under such unfortunate circumstances, or the costs of a defence may be borne by your household or pet insurance policy.

If you do face a criminal or civil prosecution, you will need help from a solicitor who is experienced in dog law. For details of solicitors who we know are able to give informed advice, please see our recommended solicitors page.