Company of Animals launch new Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

Company of Animals, leading dog training and behaviour accessories innovators, will be launching its new and improved Baskerville Ultra Muzzle at Zoomark International in May.  

The innovative new design incorporates new features to improve ease for the user and dog comfort, whilst retaining the product promise of safety first.

The new Ultra Muzzle allows dogs to pant freely, drink and receive treats, and features a clip-on neck strap for quick fitting and removal of the muzzle. The clip design also has an optional lock, and this, together with a detachable head strap, reinforces the brands reputation for combining security with animal welfare, whilst offering dog owners and trainers extra peace of mind.

To make the muzzle lightweight and even more comfortable for the dog, metal components have been removed, whilst the clever design of the head strap fitting is curved to match the shape of a dog’s head.  

Dr Roger Mugford states; “Muzzles are an extremely useful accessory in the re-training of difficult to manage or over boisterous dogs, and can be extremely beneficial to use whilst they undergo behaviour therapy and training, helping to give these dogs a second chance.”

The new Baskerville Ultra delivers a kind, yet effective muzzle solution, which is perfect for a host of activities, from safely socialising reactive dogs or introducing new dogs into a family, right through to taking dogs on public transport, to the vet or groomer. The Ultra is renowned for its highly effective muzzle basket, made from specially designed Thermo Plastic Rubber, which is incredibly strong. One of the unique properties of this material is that it can be shaped in warm water to offer a tailored fit for each dog, whilst maintaining its durability and strength.

The launch of the new and improved product reflects the high global growth Company of Animals is witnessing in its Baskerville Muzzle range.  Paul Nolan, CEO, said: “The view that muzzles are only for aggressive dogs is changing and we are seeing increased interest in our muzzles from dog owners, groomers and trainers alike, with people now recognising the many uses and benefits of the product.”

The new Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is available to the trade now and features the Company of Animals new look packaging and easy to follow user instructions.