Company of Animals launches new and improved Halti no pull range

Company of Animals are set to launch an updated and improved Halti Headcollar and No Pull Harness. With these next generation products in the Halti range, training your dog to no longer pull on walks, has never been easier.

The Halti No Pull Harness has been designed with your dog’s comfort in mind and its unique design provides great results for those whose dogs have a problem pulling on the lead. The harness provides instant results with its combination of stop pull lifting action and front control. For extra control when walking a stronger dog, simply attach for example, a Double Ended Lead to the front control ring on the No Pull Harness. The lightweight harness and padded chest panel and leg straps allow for extra comfort for your dog, with the chest panel also stopping the harness from sliding to the side of the dog if they do pull. The No Pull Harness also has the safety of your dog in mind as well, with an additional safety link available to use in the unlikely case your dog manages to get out of the harness; it will still be attached to your lead. The harness also has a reflective front chest panel and strap stitching for extra visibility of your dog all year round.

In a recent customer testing panel of dog owners who has used the No Pull Harness, 97% reported that they saw immediate results and that their dog “stopped pulling right from the start of having the harness on”. With the harness being easy to use and put on your dog, with two control options that can suit different levels of pulling, a further 96% “felt confident using the harness” and the harness was “easy to fit and instructions were easy to follow”.