Lilly Brush

Lilly Brush
Did you Know ?

Over 60% of Dogs sleep on a household bed or chair and 71% of owners take their dog in the car to run errands.

Data source: American Pet Products Association 2014


Which Lilly Brush is best for me?

The Lilly Brush Large is very durable and excellent for everyday use around the house. It’s ergonomically designed handle makes the Lilly Brush comfortable to hold and use on all surfaces in the home, for cleaning the car or in boats and caravans.

The Lilly Brush Mini is great for when you are on the go. The compact size and handy case cap makes it perfect for travelling, holidays and for keeping in your bag or car.


Recommended usage guideline

"Not recommended for extremely coarse or short haired pets (less than 1.27cm or 1/2 inch)"

Our goal is for customers to be 100% satisfied. We have found this recommended usage guideline really helps steer people in the right direction on where Lilly Brush is most effective. On occasion Lilly Brush can struggle to collect very short pet hair e.g. Chihuahua and we typically would not recommend it to someone with those kind of breeds. If the hair is too fine, it does not collect easily in the bristles. That being said, we have received reviews where people say it did an awesome job on Great Dane hair for example which is quite short and coarse. Overall we want customers who purchase a Lilly Brush, to love it, to return for further purchases and to recommend it to their friends !



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